• Having an optimistic view to exportation
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Having an optimistic view to exportation, GGT has divided this work section into two industrial and nonindustrial sections and provides various services for its customers and business partners:

  • Exporting different types of industrial and non-industrial products
  • Conducting investigations on the desired product and presenting information package to the customers
  • Conducting investigations on the domestic and international market and preparing a report.

Participation and cooperation

Exporting nonindustrial products is an important part of Iran’s economy and it includes a large part of activities of GGT. Exporting different products such as:

Iranian Carpet

Nuts and dried fruit


Medicinal plants




could be considered as the most important exporting item.

Because of having rich petroleum and mineral resources, Iran’s Industry is a milestone in the international market. Exporting the related products is among the strengths of the economy of this country.

Analyzing this unparalleled market, GGT has the capacity to continue its activities in exporting the industrial products to the countries of the region and other parts of the world.

In this regard, exportation of petroleum, mineral, and electrical items to the countries of the region as well as stone, stone products, and steel industries have a significant position.

Wire and Cable
Exporting different types of wires, copper and aluminum cables for transmission lines are among the features of this industry and the company.

Steel Structure
Due to the production capacity of different steel products in Iran and the quality of these products, GGT has a particular view of the exportation of these items.

Steel industrial products

Steel structures

Steel structures of the power industry

In terms of the number of resources, and a rich variety of decorative and building stones, Iran’s stones are the focus of the attention of other countries and traders of the world.

These mines which are scattered throughout the whole country as different types of stones such as Travertine, Marble and granite etc. in different designs, colors, and patterns and their beauty catches the eye of every viewer and this has made Iran to one of the top countries of the world.

Due to the present potentials, GGT  has declared that it is ready to export different types of stones to different parts of the world.